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Commonly used Set Phrases

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  • tailor's bunion

  • a bunion which occurs on the area of pressure?when the legs are crossed in "tailor's fashion."

  • tank ears

  • a condition similar to beach ear incurred from bathing in chlorinated swimming pools.

  • tennis elbow

  • sports injury due to overuse.

  • tennis leg

  • tear at musculotendinous junction of the medial belly of gastrocnemius muscle.

  • tennis toe

  • painful great toe associated with subungual ?hematoma, resulting from wearing steel-toed shoes or tennis shoes with protective tips.

  • tenting sign

  • (1) the diaphragm "tents" up in various chest pathology, seen on x-ray. (2) the skin "tents up" when pinched, seen in elderly patients.

  • thyroid storm

  • patient has a sudden increase of symptoms of thyrotoxicosis.

  • tired housewife syndrome

  • just like it sounds, not strictly limited to housewives.

  • trepidation sign

  • patellar clonus

  • trick knee

  • a knee that locks on occasion

  • trigger finger

  • a finger apt to be affected with a momentary spasmotic arrest of flexion or extension due to stenosing tenosynovitis or a nodule in the flexor tendon.

  • tulip finger

  • dermatitis from handling tulip bulbs

  • twin lamb disease (vet)

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