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Commonly used Set Phrases

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  • dangle foot

  • drop foot (or) footdrop

  • dawn phenomenon

  • early morning plasma glucose increase in IDDM.

  • dead finger

  • a numb, mottled finger seen in acrocyanosis.

  • dead hand

  • occupational phenomenon seen in patients who use vibratory tools, such as a jackhammer.

  • dish face/dished face

  • facies scaphoidia; facial deformity.

  • doll's eye(s) sign

  • with patient lying supine, the head is turned; the eyes do not follow, but remain staring upward.

  • doll's head phenomenon

  • while lying supine, the patient's eyes depress as the head is bent back.

  • double-bubble sign

  • seen on x-ray; stomach bubble plus bowel gas bubble.

  • drawer sign

  • positive results when testing for ligamentous instability of the knee.

  • drumstick finger

  • a clubbed finger

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Set Phrases

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