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Commonly used Set Phrases

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  • saddle back

  • aka swayback

  • sail sign

  • seen on chest x-ray

  • satyr ears

  • having pointed pinae, aka Mr. Spock ears

  • scissor leg

  • deformity with crossing of the legs during walking.

  • seagull cry

  • heart sound similar to a seagull's cry, heard via stethoscope.

  • seal finger

  • cellulitis of the hand of unknown etiology, resulting from handline of seals or seal skins.

  • second-set phenomenon

  • a sign of advanced transplanted organ rejection.

  • seedy toe (vet)

  • setting-sun sign

  • downward edeviation of the eyes to the point where they resemble setting suns.

  • sheet sign

  • psychological dispair in AIDS patients who hide under the covers/sheets to avoid human contact.

  • shipyard eye

  • shotty nodes (not "shoddy")

  • feels like buckshot

  • sick building syndrome

  • respiratory disease which occurs in?some people working/living in an air-conditioned building.

  • Singapore ear

  • sleepy foal disease (vet)

  • Smurf sign

  • a nonofficial term referring to a blue cervix, named after the cartoon Smurfs.

  • snapping finger

  • trigger finger

  • snuffbox

  • those who dip snuff will often take the snuff from a snuff box (two words) and place it on the web space between the thumb and forefinger, anatomically called snuffbox (one word).

  • spider finger

  • arachnodactyly

  • split-brain syndrome

  • disruption of communication between hemispheres of the brain.

  • sponge kidney

  • aka medullary sponge kidney

  • spring finger

  • difficulty in complete flexion and extension.

  • square root sign

  • seen on EKG in constrictive pericarditis.

  • stairs sign (not "stare")

  • difficulty in descending stairs, seen in tabes dorsalis.

  • steely-hair syndrome

  • seen in Menkes syndrome; see kinky hair

  • steeple sign

  • seen on chest x-ray

  • stiff lamb disease (vet)

  • stiff-heart syndrome

  • any cardiac disease characterized by restrictive hemodynamics.

  • stiff-man syndrome

  • patient has fluctuating rigidity of axial and limb muscles.

  • string of beads sign

  • x-ray of the colon reveals a "string" of gas beads.

  • string sign

  • seen on x-ray

  • sunrise view (x-ray)

  • sweet clover disease (vet)

  • swimmer's ear

  • persistent ear infection of the ear due to prolonged water submersion.

  • sympathizing eye

  • the uninjured eye mimics the injured eye; see exciting eye.

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