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Commonly used Set Phrases

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  • badger leg

  • inequality in length of the leg

  • baker leg

  • genu valgum

  • bamboo hair

  • trichorrhexis nodosa; an advanced form of hair splitting.

  • banana sign

  • seen on fetal skull sonography; a sign of Arnold-Chiari deformity.

  • bandy leg

  • genu varum, aka bow leg

  • Barbados leg

  • elephantiasis of the leg

  • barrel chest

  • emphysematous chest

  • baseball finger

  • partial permanant fixation of terminal phalanx resulting from baseball or other powerful blow.

  • bat ear

  • aka lop ear, which see.

  • bayonet leg

  • uncorrected forward displacement of bones at knee.

  • beach ear

  • a condition similar to swimmer's ear, incurred from excessive bathing or surfing in sea water.

  • beaded hair

  • hair which has marked swellings and constrictions like a string of beads, seen in monilethrix.

  • benediction hand

  • hand with fingers held in benediction sign.

  • bird arm

  • a wasted arm due to atrophy of the muscles.

  • black leg

  • symptomatic anthrax

  • blubber finger

  • seal finger

  • blue dot sign

  • GU; in testicular torsion the infarcted epididymidis can be seen through the scrotal skin.

  • blue nose disease

  • blue tongue (vet.)

  • blue tongue (vet.)

  • bolster finger

  • swollen fingers resulting from a Candida infection in workers who handle sugar.

  • bovine face

  • cow face

  • bowler hat sign

  • seen on colon x-ray; represents a polyp or diverticulum.

  • brim sign

  • buccal spillway

  • aka buccal embrasure; an opening out towards the cheek between molar and premolar teeth.

  • bull's-eye shoulder (vet)

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