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Commonly used Set Phrases

- C -

  • cannon wave

  • a booming heart sound like a cannon shot

  • cat cry syndrome

  • a chromosome abnormality which includes multiple anomalities plus a mewing cry; hypertelorism.

  • CAT scan

  • an acronym for computerized axial tomography.

  • cat scratch fever

  • CSF; systemic infection from exposure to cats, especially kittens; cause Bartonella henselea, formerly thought to be Rochalimaea henselae; you may hear it by either name.

  • cat's ear

  • one that is folded over on itself.

  • cat's eye calculi

  • a radiology term

  • cat's eye pupil, cat's eye reflex

  • both terms may be heard in cases of retinoblastoma.

  • cauliflower ear

  • aka boxer's ear

  • chandelier sign

  • on vaginal exam

  • cheese worker's lung disease

  • respiratory disease suffered by cheese workers.

  • Christmas disease

  • Factor IX deformity

  • cinema eye

  • aka Kleig eye; conjunctivitis, lacrimation and photophobia due to excess exposure to Kleig lights.

  • claw toe

  • toes clawed due to shortened or spastic plantar fascia.

  • clawhand

  • hand clawed from spasm of palmar fascia.

  • cleft hand

  • aka main Fourchée; the division between fingers extends into the metacarpus.

  • clubbed finger

  • proliferation of soft tissue about the terminal phalanx/phalanges.

  • clubhand

  • talipomanus

  • cobbler's chest

  • a chest which sinks in at the lower end of sternum.

  • coiled-spring sign

  • a concentric ring pattern of intestines, seen on x-ray.

  • colon cutoff sign

  • an x-ray sign of perforated appendix or colonic spasm.

  • commerative sign

  • any sign of previous disease.

  • cornstalk disease (vet.)

  • cow face

  • facies bovina; appearance of the face in craniofacial dystosia.

  • crazy chick disease (vet)

  • cri du chat (cat's cry)

  • see cat's cry

  • cup-and-spill stomach

  • an x-ray finding; barium remains in the stomach for awhile before spilling into the duodenum.

  • curley toe (vet.)

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