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Commonly used Set Phrases

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  • fan sign

  • spreading of toes (fanning out) during Babinski test, indicative of possible upper neuron anomaly or disease.

  • fat-pad sign

  • displacement of fat adjacent to a joint seen on x-ray; sign of a fracture.

  • figure four/figure-of-four maneuver

  • patient can bend knee and place foot on opposite leg to form a figure of four.

  • figure-three sign

  • aortic nodules seen on x-ray, indicative of coarctation of the aorta.

  • first-set phenomenon

  • indicates rejection of a transplanted organ; see second-set phenomenon.

  • fish slime disease (vet)

  • flag sign

  • dyspigmentation of the hair which occurs as a light band in darker regular hair.

  • floating tooth sign

  • this occurs in histiocytosis X.

  • football knee

  • swollen, tender knee from torn ligaments and damaged menisci, often seen in football players.

  • frog face

  • flatness of face d. t. intranasal disease.

  • frogleg view

  • on x-ray; legs are placed in frog position.

  • funnel chest

  • pectus excavatum

  • funny-looking kid (FLK)

  • refers to strange or abnormal facies seen in certain congenital diseases. It is probably best to query the dictator to ensure that he/she really wants to use this term.

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