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Commonly used Set Phrases

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  • rabbit pellet stools

  • stools are abnormally small and round like rabbit pellets.

  • raccoon eyes (or) raccoon's eyes

  • dark circles around the eyes, seen in respiratory allergies.

  • railroad disease (vet)

  • red leg (vet)

  • reservoir sign

  • ability of the patient to produce cerebrospinal fluid at will be moving the head

  • reversed-three sign

  • on esophageal barium study this sign indicates coarctation of the aorta.

  • ribbon stools

  • flat, often striated stools, often indicative of distal colon cancer.

  • rider's bone

  • chronic pain on lateral surface of ankle, often seen in motorcycle riders.

  • rolling disease (vet)

  • root sign

  • a positive sign; when touched on the cheek a newborn baby will "root" looking for nipple.

  • rugby knee

  • football knee

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