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Commonly used Set Phrases

- G -

  • gay bowel syndrome

  • any sexually transmitted bowel disease resulting from anal intercourse.

  • gelling phenomena

  • stiffness felt in joints, common in patients with gouty arthritis.

  • glass arm

  • a painful condition of the upper arm due to injury to the long tendon of the biceps muscle, sometimes causing subdeltoid bursitis.

  • glue ear

  • a collection of viscous fluid in the middle ear.

  • golf arm

  • a form of neuritis seen in golf players.

  • gouty pearl

  • aka gouty nodule (of a joint)

  • greasy pig disease (vet)

  • Gunn crossing sign

  • a Marcus Gunn pupillary phenomenon. Although I stated that I would not use proper names in this list, I have included this one so the MT won't be confused between Marcus Gunn and a firearm.

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