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Commonly used Set Phrases

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  • Madonna fingers

  • thin, delicate fingers seen in acromicria.

  • mallet finger

  • permanent flexion of distal phalanx

  • mallet toe

  • flexion contracture of the distal IPJ of any of the lesser toes.

  • meat-wrapper's asthma

  • occurs in meat wrappers who work in?refrigerated rooms, wrapping meat in plastic wrap using heat sealing devices for the wrap.

  • mitten hand

  • a situation where there are several fingers fused together with a single nail.

  • monkey hand

  • the thumb cannot be opposed to the other fingers, aka main en singe, monkey paw

  • moon face

  • round face, sometimes due to Cushing syndrome, or?following administration of adrenocorticoids; sometimes referred to as cushingoid facies.

  • morning glory syndrome

  • coloboma; vision is affected

  • mute toe sign

  • a "silent" toe that does not respond to stimulus

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