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Otolaryngology - Rhinoplasty Terms

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  • Cartilage Splitting (Intra-Cartilaginous) Incision

  • A type of endonasal rhinoplasty maneuver in which the excess cephalic cartilage is removed while the rest of the cartilage remains intact.

  • Cartilaginous Pyramid

  • The cartilage which sits on top of the bony pyramid.

  • Cartilaginous Pyramid

  • The cartilage which sits on top of the septum and is joined by the upper lateral cartilages.

  • Caudal Extension Graft

  • A cartilaginous graft used to extend the septum and place the tip in a more favorable position.

  • Caudal Septum

  • The front of the septum which is cartilaginous in nature.

  • Closed Rhinoplasty (Endonasal Rhinoplasty)

  • A type of rhinoplasty performed without an incision on the columella.

  • Collumellar Strut

  • A cartilage graft which is placed between the medial crus to provide tip support.

  • Columella

  • The column at the base of the nose of soft tissue which separates the nostrils.

  • Columellar Labial Angle

  • Curved junction of the columella with the lip.

  • Columellar Lobular Angle

  • The angle formed by the junction of the infra-tip lobule with the columella.

  • Columellar Show

  • The amount of columella seen on lateral and frontal view.

  • Crooked Nose

  • Deviation of the external portion of the nose which can be a result of bony or cartilaginous deformity.

  • Crus

  • Generic reference to the lower lateral cartilage; it can refer to the medial, lateral or intermediate portion of the cartilage.

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Rhinoplasty Terms

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