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Otolaryngology - Rhinoplasty Terms

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  • Nasal Bone

  • The bony portion of the upper one third of the nose which lies inferior to the frontal bones and anterior the maxilla.

  • Nasal Length

  • The distance from the top of your nose to the nasal tip (from radix to tip).

  • Nasal Lobule

  • The lower part of the nose bounded by the anterior nostril edge postero-inferiorly, the supratip area superiorly and the alar grooves laterally.

  • Nasal Obstruction

  • Restriction of airflow through the nose with normal breathing.

  • Nasofrontal Angle

  • Angle of demarcation between forehead and nasal dorsum.

  • Nasolabial Angle

  • The angle seen on lateral view formed by a line drawn through the most anterior to most posterior point of the nostril intersecting the vertical facial plane.

  • Nasopharynx

  • The upper part of the pharynx continuous with the nasal passages.

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Rhinoplasty Terms

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