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Otolaryngology - Rhinoplasty Terms

- A -

  • Accessory Cartilages

  • Small cartilages lateral to the lateral crus.

  • Ala

  • Makes up a portion of the lower one third of the nose and corresponds to the lower lateral cartilage.

  • Alar Base

  • The base of the nostril and how it inserts and relates to the face.

  • Alar Cartilages

  • Paired structures which have three portions, a lateral, intermediate, and medial portion.

  • Alar Groove

  • A depression that follows the caudal margin of the lateral crus as it leaves the alar rim to run in a more cephalic direction.

  • Alar Retraction

  • When the caudal aspect of the nostril rim is retracted superiorly, leading to excessive nostril show.

  • Anterior Nasal Spine

  • A small portion of bone which can effect the columellar labial angle.

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Rhinoplasty Terms

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