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Gastrointestinal and genitourinary related terms like GI/GU cancers/tumors, digestive terms, diseases/disorders, feedings, tubes, STDs, herbs, etc.
Cancers & Tumors - GI/GU
Gastrict and Stomach cancers and tumors.

Digestive Terms
Various terms and definitions related to digestive system.

Diseases - GI/GU
Various gastric and stomach diseases.

Feedings - GI/GU
Giving of nutriment directly into the stomach by means of a tube inserted via the nasopharynx and esophagus or directly through the abdominal wall.

Herbs - GI/GU
Useful herbs in GI/GU diseases

STD Terms
Terms related to sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

Syndromes - GI/GU
Gastric/Stomach Syndromes

Tubes - GI/GU
Various types of gastric tubes.

Sample Reports - Urology
Transcribed sample medical reports of Urology

Sample Reports - Gastroenterology
Transcribed sample medical reports of Gastroenterology

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