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Eye Related Terms

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  • Vision therapy

  • (orthopedics, vision training, eye exercises) a treatment process for the improvement of visual perception and/or coordination of the two eyes for efficient and comfortable binocular vision

  • Visual acuity

  • The clearness of vision which depends upon the sharpness of the retinal image

  • Visual field

  • The area or extent of space visible to an eye in a given position of gaze. There is a central visual field--that is directly in front of us, the target at which we are looking, and a peripheral visual field---that which we perceive in our "side vision". The fields of each eye partly overlap. We do not perceive the blind spots from each eye because the area that is missing in one eye is present in the other.

  • Vitreous

  • The gel-like transparent fluid substance filling the posterior four fifths of the globe between the cystalline lens and retina

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Common Eye Terms

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