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Eye Related Terms

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  • Cataract

  • A change in the structure of the crystalline lens which results in loss of light and therefore image transmission to the retina.

  • Color vision

  • The ability to perceive differences in color, including hue, saturation and brightness

  • Conjunctiva

  • The thin transparent membrane lining the exposed eyeball and inside surface of the eyelid

  • Conjunctivitis

  • Inflammation of the conjunctiva. May be caused by bacteria, virus, allergens or chemical or UV exposure

  • Convergance/divergance

  • The turning of the eyes inwards/outwards so that they are both "aimed" towards the object being viewed

  • Cornea

  • The front-most surface of the eye. The transparent "window" and primary focusing lens of the eye.

  • Corneal curvature

  • The shape of the front of the eye

  • Crystalline lens

  • A transparent disk located behind the iris which focuses light onto the retina. The lens has the ability to vary its power to accomodatively focus light from objects closer than optical infinity.

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Common Eye Terms

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