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Eye Related Terms

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  • Radial keratotomy

  • RK surgical procedure using diamond scalpel to create incisions into the epithelium of the cornea which result in the flattening of the tissue and thereby altering the refractive error

  • Refraction

  • Determination if optical refractive errors of the eye

  • Refractive error

  • The degree to which images received by the eyes are not focused on the retina, e.g.: myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism

  • Retina

  • The neurological tissue at the posterior of the eye, containing the rods and cones which receives light and converts it to electrical signals for transmission via the optic nerve to the brain

  • Retinal detachment

  • A separation of the neural tissue of the retina from the pigmented epithelium layer and therefore the blood supply. Results in loss of vision in the detached area. Repairable with fair to good prognosis for vision in the early stages.

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Common Eye Terms

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