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Alzheimer's Disease Related Terms

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  • Gait

  • A person’s manner of walking. People in the later stages of Alzheimer’s often have "reduced gait," meaning their ability to lift their feet as they walk has dimished.

  • Gene

  • The basic unit of heredity; a section of DNA coding for a particular trait.

  • Gene Linkage

  • A group of genes located close together on a chromosome.

  • Gene Regulation

  • The control of the rate or manner in which a gene is expressed.

  • Genetic Susceptibility

  • The state of being more likely than the average person to develop a disease as a result of genetics.

  • Genome

  • All the genes of an organism.

  • Glucose

  • A simple sugar that is a major energy source for all cellular and bodily functions. Glucose is obtained through the breakdown, or metabolism, of food in the digestive system.

  • Glutamate

  • An amino acid neurotransmitter normally involved in learning and memory. Under certain circumstances it can be an excitotoxin and appears to cause nerve cell death in a variety of neurodegenerative disorders.

  • Guardian

  • An individual appointed by the courts who is authorized to make legal and financial decisions for another individual.

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Alzheimer’s Disease Terms

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