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Epidemiology Related Terms

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  • Health

  • A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

  • Health Indicator

  • A measure that reflects, or indicates, the state of health of persons in a defined population, e.g.

  • Health Information System

  • A combination of health statistics from various sources, used to derive information about health status, health care, provision and use of services, and impact on health.

  • High-Risk Group

  • A group in the community with an elevated risk of disease.

  • Histogram

  • A graphic representation of the frequency distribution of a continuous variable. Rectangles are drawn in such a way that their bases lie on a linear scale representing different intervals, and their heights are proportional to the frequencies of the value

  • Host

  • A person or other living organism that can be infected by an infectious agent under natural conditions.

  • Host Factor

  • An intrinsic factor (age, race, sex, behaviors, etc.) which influences an individual's exposure, susceptibility, or response to a causative agent.

  • Hyperendemic Disease

  • A disease that is constantly present at a high incidence and/or prevalence rate.

  • Hypothesis

  • A supposition, arrived at from observation or reflection, that leads to refutable predictions. Any conjecture cast in a form that will allow it to be tested and refuted.

  • Hypothesis, Alternative

  • The hypothesis, to be adopted if the null hypothesis proves implausible, in which exposure is associated with disease.

  • Hypothesis, Null

  • The first step in testing for statistical significance in which it is assumed that the exposure is not related to disease.

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Epidemiology Terms

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