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Epidemiology Related Terms

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  • Death-To-Case Ratio

  • The number of deaths attributed to a particular disease during a specified time period divided by the number of new cases of that disease identified during the same time period.

  • Demographic Information

  • The ``person'' characteristics--age, sex, race, and occupation--of descriptive epidemiology used to characterize the populations at risk.

  • Denominator

  • The lower portion of a fraction used to calculate a rate or ratio. In a rate, the denominator is usually the population (or population experience, as in person-years, etc.

  • Dependent Variable

  • In a statistical analysis, the outcome variable(s) or the variable(s) whose values are a function of other variable(s) (called independent variable(s) in the relationship under study).

  • Descriptive Epidemiology

  • The aspect of epidemiology concerned with organizing and summarizing health-related data according to time, place, and person.

  • Determinant

  • Any factor, whether event, characteristic, or other definable entity, that brings about change in a health condition, or in other defined characteristics.

  • Direct Transmission

  • The immediate transfer of an agent from a reservoir to a susceptible host by direct contact or droplet spread.

  • Distribution

  • In epidemiology, the frequency and pattern of health-related characteristics and events in a population. In statistics, the observed or theoretical frequency of values of a variable.

  • Dot Plot

  • A visual display of the actual data points of a noncontinuous variable.

  • Droplet Nuclei

  • The residue of dried droplets that may remain suspended in the air for long periods, may be blown over great distances, and are easily inhaled into the lungs and exhaled.

  • Droplet Spread

  • The direct transmission of an infectious agent from a reservoir to a susceptible host by spray with relatively large, short-ranged aerosols produced by sneezing, coughing, or talking.

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Epidemiology Terms

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