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Immunology Related Terms

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  • Second set rejection

  • Accelerated rejection of an allograft in an already immune recipient.

  • Secondary lymphoid organs

  • Organs in which antigen-driven proliferation and differentiation of B and T lymphocytes takes place.

  • Secretory component

  • A surface receptor on epithelial cells lining mucosal surfaces which binds dimeric IgA and transports it through the cell into mucosal secretions.

  • Serum sickness

  • A hypersensitivity reaction consisting of fever, rashes, joint pain and glomerulonephritis, resulting from localization of circulating, soluble, antigen-antibody complexes, which induce inflammatory reactions. Serum sickness was originally induced following therapy with large doses of antibody from a foreign source - e.g. horse serum.

  • Slow-reacting substance of anaphylaxis (SRS-A)

  • A group of leukotrienes released by mast cells during anaphylaxis which induces a prolonged constriction of smooth muscle. This prolonged constriction is not reversible by treatment with antihistamines.

  • Suppression

  • A mechanism for producing a specific state of immunologic unresponsiveness by the induction of suppressor T cells. This type of unresponsiveness is passively transferable by suppressor T cells or their soluble products.

  • Syngeneic

  • Literally, genetically identical.

  • Syngraft

  • Same as isograft.

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Immunology Terms

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