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Immunology Related Terms

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  • Paratope

  • An antibody combining site that is complementary to an epitope.

  • Passive immunization

  • Immunization by the administration of preformed antibody into a nonimmune individual.

  • Phagocytosis

  • The engulfment of a particle or a microorganism by leukocytes.

  • Phenotype

  • The physical expression of an individual's genotype.

  • Pinocytosis

  • Ingestion of liquid or very small particles by vesicle formation in a cell.

  • Plasma cell

  • End-stage differentiation of a B cell to an antibody-producing cell.

  • Polyclonal activator

  • A substance that induces activation of many individual clones of either T or B cells. See Mitogen.

  • Polymorphism

  • Literally, "having many shapes"; in genetics polymorphism means occurring in more than one form within a species; the existence of multiple alleles at a particular genetic locus.

  • Polymorphonuclear leukocyte

  • White cell, granular cytoplasm. Neutral staining (neutrophil) - most frequent, phagocytic. Basophilic staining - basophil q.v. Eosinophilic staining - eosinophil q.v.

  • Primary lymphoid organs

  • Organs in which the maturation of T and B lymphocytes take place and antigen-specific receptors are first acquired.

  • Primary responses

  • The immune response to a first encounter with antigen. The primary response is generally small, has a long induction phase or lag period, consists primarily of IgM antibodies, and generates immunologic memory.

  • Prophylaxis

  • Protection.

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Immunology Terms

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