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Pregnancy Related Terms

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  • Pelvic Floor

  • Describes the area of the vulva, perineum, and anus. The pelvic floor muscles are the muscles a woman tries to loosen while giving birth.

  • Perineum

  • The muscle and tissue between the vagina and the rectum.

  • Phenergan

  • A drug used as a sedative and also to control nausea and vomiting.

  • PIH

  • Pregnancy Induced Hypertension. See Eclampsia and Pre-eclampsia.

  • Pitocin

  • Synthetic oxytocin (a hormone that stimulates contractions, among other things) given through intravenous drip (IV) to stimulate labor.

  • Placenta

  • This is the tissue which connects the mother and fetus that transports nourishment and takes away waste.

  • Placenta Previa

  • This condition is usually discovered in late pregnancy. The placenta lies very low in the uterus, so that the opening of the uterus is partially or completely covered.

  • Post Term

  • When pregnancy lasts beyond 42 weeks.

  • Posterior

  • Describing the baby's face-up position during delivery. Normal presentation is anterior (face down). Posterior deliveries generally cause back labor (back pain).

  • Postpartum

  • The period of time after a baby's birth.

  • Pre-eclampsia

  • The precursor to eclampsia, this a condition involving high blood pressure, swelling due to fluid retention, and abnormal kidney function.

  • Preterm

  • Babies born earlier than 37 weeks.

  • PROM

  • Acronym stands for premature rupture of membranes and means a woman's water has broken early.

  • Prostaglandin Cream or Gel

  • Medication used to ripen the cervix before induction.

  • Pubic Symphysis

  • The joint between the pubic bones at the front of the pelvis.

  • PUBS

  • Percutaneous umbilical blood sampling: Similar to amniocentesis. A needle is inserted into the mother's abdominal wall and through the uterus, but is also inserted into the umbilical cord at the base of the placenta. Blood is drawn for diagnostic purposes.

  • Pudendal Block

  • A term used to describe a procedure that gives regional pain relief in the perineum area during birth. Also used when repairing an episiotomy.

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Pregnancy Terms

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