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Suicide related terms

- A -

  • Abnormal Grief

  • Prolonged, difficult, complicated response associated with TRAUMATIC LOSS. See UNRESOLVED GRIEF.

  • Abnormal Grief Reaction

  • Individual behavioral and/or emotional condition caused by a severe LOSS.

  • Active Suicidal Ideation

  • State of acute thought of completing suicide associated with imminent risk (Sivak et al.)

  • Acute Mourning

  • Initial phase of disorientation, dulled senses, denial, yearning.

  • Acute Suicide Threat

  • Individual has LETHAL MEANS and voices INTENT.

  • Aftercare

  • Post-LOSS support services to the BEREAVED or other traumatized individuals. See POSTVENTION.

  • Age-Correspondence Reaction

  • ACUTE grief triggered by age similarity to lost loved one.

  • Agenerative Suicide

  • Caused by personal alienation (Shneidman).

  • Alliance For Safety

  • Joint plan between CLINICIAN and CLIENT with shared goal to prevent suicide (Gutheil).

  • Altruistic Suicide

  • Suicide as self-sacrifice (Durkheim).

  • Ambiguous Grief

  • Occurs when loss is psychologically felt but not physically confirmed.

  • Ambivalence

  • SUICIDAL individual's wish to both live and die.

  • Ambivalent Attempt

  • ATTEMPTED SUICIDE involving NONLETHAL MEANS and felt to not be intended to result in death.

  • Amputation Metaphor

  • LOSS analogy commonly used by grieving parents (e.g., loss of child like loss of limb).

  • Anniversary Reaction

  • Worsening or return of grieving on dates related to the LOSS.

  • Anniversary Trigger

  • Idea that people tend to die near key dates in their lives.

  • Anomic Suicide

  • Type caused by a disrupted relationship (Durkheim).

  • Anxious Suicidality

  • Combined presence of SUICIDAL IDEATION and severe anxiety in children (ALLAN et al.).

  • Assisted Suicide

  • COMPLETION of suicide by a TERMINALLY ILL or SUFFERING individual with the aid of a physician or other CLINICIAN.

  • Attempted Suicide

  • Unsuccessful, potentially lethal effort to complete suicide.

  • Autocide

  • Use of a motor vehicle to complete suicide.

  • Availability Of Means


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Suicide Related Terms

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