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General Medicine Terms

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  • Watchful waiting (EXPECTANT MANAGEMENT)

  • Close monitoring of prostate cancer by a physician instead of immediate treatment.

  • Watermelon stomach

  • Parallel red sores in the stomach that look like the stripes on a watermelon.

  • Wedge resection of the lung

  • A small, localized section of the lung is removed, often for a lung biopsy.

  • Western blotting analysis

  • A technique used to identify a specific protein; the probe is a radioactively labeled antibody raised against the protein in question.

  • White blood cells

  • Cells that help the body fight infection and disease.

  • Whole blood

  • Blood containing all its components, such as red and white blood cells, platelets, and more.

  • Wilms' tumor

  • A kidney cancer (tumor) that occurs in children, usually before age 5.

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General Medicine Terms

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