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STD Related Terms

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  • Wart

  • A raised growth on the surface of the skin or other organ.

  • Wasting Syndrome

  • A condition characterized by loss of ten percent of normal weight without obvious cause. The weight loss is largely the result of depletion of the protein in lean body mass and represents a metabolic derangement frequent during AIDS.

  • Western Blot

  • A test for detecting the specific antibodies to HIV in a person's blood. It commonly is used to double-check positive ELISA tests (see). A western blot test is more reliable that the ELISA, but it is harder to do and costs more money.

  • Whitlow

  • Herpes infection on the fingers or toes.

  • Womb

  • The uterus.

  • Wrestler's herpes

  • The presence of herpes lesions on the body caused by HSV infection that is usually transmitted through the abrasion of skin during a contact sport, such as wrestling. Also known as herpes gladitorum.

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STD Terms

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