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Immunization Related Terms

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  • Recombiant

  • Of or resulting from new combinations of genetic material or cells; the genetic material produced when segments of DNA from different sources are joined to produce recombinant DNA.

  • Residual Seizure Disorder (RSD)

  • See seizures.

  • Reye Syndrome

  • Encephalopathy (general brain disorder) in children following an acute illness such as influenza or chickenpox. Symptoms include vomiting, agitation and lethargy. This condition may result in coma or death.

  • Risk

  • The likelihood that an individual will experience a certain event.

  • Rotavirus

  • A group of viruses that cause diarrhea in children.

  • Rubella

  • (German measles) Viral infection that is milder than normal measles but as damaging to the fetus when it occurs early in pregnancy.

  • Rubeola

  • See Measles.

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Immunization Terms

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