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Otolaryngology - Ear Related Terms

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  • Vertigo

  • Sensation of motion, often described as objects spinning around a person or the person spinning around the room with the room still. This could be a symptom of a vestibular (balance/inner ear) disorder.

  • Vestibular Canal

  • The upper chamber of the cochlea.

  • Vestibular Schwannoma (Acoustic Neuroma)

  • A benign tumor that occurs on the acoustic (hearing) branch or vestibular (balance) branch of the 8th cranial nerve.

  • Vestibular System

  • The system responsible for maintaining balance, posture, and the bodyís orientation in space. This system also regulates locomotion and other movements and keeps objects in visual focus as the body moves. Located next to the cochlea, the vestibular system consists of three semicircular canals oriented in different planes. Movement of fluid within the canals responds to movements of the head and visual information, allowing the brain to process an animalís current state of balance.

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Ear Related Terms

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