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MRI Related Terms

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  • A variation in the nominal Larmor frequency for a particular isotope within the imaging volume. The amount of shift introduced is directly proportional to the strength of the magnetic field, and is specified in parts per million (ppm) of the resonant frequency.

  • CINE

  • A series of rapidly recorded multiple images taken at sequential cycles of time and displayed on a monitor in a dynamic movie display format. This technique can be used to show true range of motion studies of joints and parts of the spine.


  • A large network of interconnecting blood vessels at the base of the brain that when visualized resembles a circle.


  • A psychological reaction to being confined in a relatively small area.

  • CNR

  • Contrast-to-noise ratio.


  • The act of maintaining a constant phase relationship between oscillating waves or rotating objects.


  • The relative difference of signal intensities in two adjacent regions of an image. Image contrast is heavily dependent on the chosen imaging technique (i.e., TE, TR, TI), and is associated with such parameters as proton density and T1 or T2 relaxation times.


  • An image phenomenon where the darks become bright, and the brights become dark. This is usually most prevalent in sequences utilizing an extended TR.


  • The ratio of signal intensity differences between two regions, scaled to image noise. Improving CNR increases perception of the distinct differences between two clinical areas of interest.


  • A plane, slice or section made by cutting across the body from side to side and therefore parallel to the coronal suture of the skull.


  • An artifact introduced into images by interference between adjacent slices of a scan. This artifact can be eliminated by limiting the minimum spacing between slices.


  • A cooling agent, typically liquid helium or liquid nitrogen used to reduce the temperature of the magnet windings in a superconducting magnet. dB/dt. The rate of change of the magnetic field. This shows the ratio between the amount of change in amplitude of the magnetic field (dB) and the time it takes to make that change (dt). The value of dB/dt is measured in Tesla per second (T/s). DC - direct current.

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MRI Terms

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