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Pregnancy Related Terms

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  • Shoulder Dystocia

  • The baby's shoulder gets caught on the mother's pubic bone during delivery.

  • Silver Nitrate

  • Generally administered in both eyes within the first hour of life, this medication is used to prevent serious problems in the newborn's eyes in the event that the mother has gonorrhea (a VSD that is common and can be present without symptoms). Tetracycline and erythromycin can be substituted.

  • Speculum

  • A metal or plastic instrument used to open the vagina slightly wider so that the cervix can be seen more easily.

  • Stadol

  • A narcotic pain reliever commonly used during labor and delivery.

  • Station

  • This is the measure of how far the baby has traveled down the birth canal. "Zero station" means he hasn't yet descended, while "fully engaged" means he is ready to be born.

  • Stress Test

  • This test records the fetal heart rate in response to induced mild contractions of the uterus. See also Non-stress test.

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Pregnancy Terms

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