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Pregnancy Related Terms

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  • Magnesium Sulfate

  • One of the stronger drugs given through IV to stop or slow labor.

  • Malpresentation

  • Baby is not "presenting" (positioned in the pelvis) in the anterior (normal) position. There are different types of malpresentation (see breech presentation, face presentation, and posterior).

  • Meconium

  • Baby's first bowel movement, this is the greenish substance that builds up in the bowels of a growing fetus and is normally discharged shortly after birth.

  • Midwife

  • A DEM (Direct Entry Midwife) assists homebirths while a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) assists births that take place in the hospital or birthing center. Both health care providers offer prenatal care and strive to reduce c-section rates, traumatic deliveries and un-needed medical intervention.

  • Mittelschmerz

  • Some women feel an abdominal pain or twinge - mittelschmerz, literally meaning "middle pain" - upon ovulation.

  • Molding

  • Because the newborn's skull bones are not yet fused (to assist the birthing process), baby's heads can look "coned" or squished. This molding will not be permanent.

  • Mucous Plug

  • Pinkish mucous discharge - which blocks the cervix during pregnancy - that you may see when the cervix starts to open. Also called the 'show' or 'bloody show,' it is generally considered a sign that labor will soon begin.

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Pregnancy Terms

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